Masters of Email Marketing – Spring 2024

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The inspiring list of speakers

Erkki Markus & Tanel Rand

The event is brought to you by Smaily's founder and CEO Erkki Markus, and marketing director Tanel Rand, who will be moderating the event to ensure it runs as smoothly as a well-executed email marketing campaign.

Laura Atkins

Deliverability: how the past tells us what to expect in the future

Word to the Wise co-founder Laura Atkins is perhaps best known for her popular industry blog, where she’s contributed more than 2500 posts over the past 15 years on all things email. When she’s not writing, she’s helping companies improve their marketing strategies by integrating deliverability tactics. She has observed that deliverability changes usually occur slowly with sudden paradigm shifts. With Google and Yahoo announcing new requirements, we are in the middle of one such shift. In her presentation, Laura will examine past changes in email, identify patterns that helped companies prepare, and discuss how to anticipate upcoming shifts.

Katarzyna Garbaciak

Diversification of email providers in Europe and rules for proper email classification

Having been actively involved with new technologies and the IT industry since 2010, Katarzyna knows that not only Google and Yahoo matter. As a marketer and product manager, she has developed new functionalities and applications for Allegro Group and FMCG stores. At the local CPaaS market leader Vercom S.A., Katarzyna is responsible for developing EmailLabs service in Polish and foreign markets. In her presentation, she takes us on a truly specialized tour of the inescapable technical part of the email world. A true example of an email marketing master class!

Elizabeta Kuzevska

Writing holiday emails with AI

Elizabeta is a certified Email marketing specialist and digital marketer strategist. With 15+ years of experience in digital marketing, she helps B2B companies boost their online presence through strategic email marketing, digital strategies, & SEO content marketing. As founder and CEO of Online Marketing Academy and Lead Gen Marketing, she is passionate about learning from and supporting others. She is passionate about finding the right words to effectively convey the brand's ideas. We can't avoid the topic of AI these days, so sit back and see how you could also combine your creativity with these technological wonders.

Logan Sandrock Baird

The State of Email Trends 2024

An incorrigible email geek known for their strong maternal vibes, Logan Sandrock Baird, with an impressive thirteen years of industry experience, graces our webcast as Litmus' senior community evangelist. Logan's deep expertise and vibrant personality have made them a beloved figure in the email marketing world. At our event, they’re not just a speaker but a fountain of knowledge, ready to engage and enlighten our audience with insights. We all want to know what’s really going on in the industry, and thus, Logan will share salient, actionable insights from their comprehensive industry-wide State of Email Trends report.

Ryan Phelan

Complex email marketing automation and communications for events

Whether virtual or in-person, the success or failure of an event can come down to the communication and expectations. Just getting the registration is merely the first step in a series of micro-conversions from that point to the event. Ryan Phelan is the CEO of U.S.-based RPE Origin, and an industry thought leader. From this energetic session, you’ll walk away with an understanding of the “lifecycle” of an event and how to break through daily distractions to earn priority. See how complex marketing automation, based on self-disclosed interest, can lead to greater attendance and post-event positive feedback. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to easily templatize these automations for repeated use.

Jekaterina Kokatjuhha

How email marketing can use CLV to make the business run profitably

Over the past eight years, Katja has helped dozens of e-commerce brands, SaaS businesses, and marketplaces with data & analytics, built BI teams and data infrastructures from scratch, and established marketing and business analytics. She has covered all aspects of data, from real-time machine learning and BI to helping two startups raise a total of $20 million in Series A funding based on data. These impressive credentials assure our webinar listeners that she knows what she's talking about. How can you use all aspects of customer lifetime value in order to see real financial results from your business (marketing) activities? Tune in to find out!

Emily Benoit

Building a personalization program from ZERO

Emily has focused on scaling lifecycle efforts through data operations, personalization, and collaboration for the past seven years. She currently works at the intersection of tech and higher education and has experience in finance, journalism, and the food industry. Thanks to her participation in such wide-ranging activities, she knows firsthand how vital personalization is. This practice can seem especially difficult if you haven't started with it yet. Don't worry – Emily will walk you through it on our webinar!

Hannah Lipschutz

Email Marketing Elevating Multichannel Success

Hannah is a copywriter and email strategist who helps 7-figure e-commerce businesses grow their revenue through email marketing. She's called "dangerously good" by her clients, who've significantly increased their sales through email. She's also straight-up obsessed with what makes people tick and has been a people-watcher since she can remember. When she's not nerding out on strategy, she's probably feeding her Haribo addiction. And, as a sweet treat to the participants of our webinar, she will share the best tricks of email automation that actually pay off.

Erkki Markus

Keep up with the times: product recommendations based on AI

Yes, you read the name correctly! Erkki Markus is a true example of someone who has mastered email marketing. As the founder of Smaily, he started the company back in 2005, when email marketing was not even half of what it has grown to be today. With his generous hands-on attitude and love for the field, Erkki knows the upcoming twists and turns of email marketing like the back of his hand. In his presentation this time around, Erkki will tell you how to use the power of AI for the benefit of your business. To learn how to create emails with clever and real-time AI-based product recommendations – join in, take notes, and start selling!

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