Masters of Email Marketing – Spring 2023

8 Hours of Email Marketing

The fourth consecutive Masters of Email Marketing webinar took place on March 22nd. This time, however, it was not the usual kind – this one was especially significant, as the impressive international group of speakers was bigger than ever. As many as ten experts from different corners of the world shared their knowledge on various essential aspects of email marketing.

We are also happy about the excellent public participation in this mega-marathon, and the considerable amount of necessary questions asked during the webinar. Our biggest goal has always been starting the conversation and spreading the wisdom to implement the highest quality email marketing.

We'll share all the presentations to help you continue appealing to your subscribers with captivating and valuable marketing emails. They'll remain forever available for you, and you can see them below:

The event started with Smaily’s own dynamic duo – CEO Erkki Markus and Marketing Director Tanel Rand! Their comprehensive presentation revealed the secrets to (contemporary) email marketing success in 2023 and beyond. Hyper-personalization, micro-segmentation, AI in email marketing, and interactivity were among the few essential subjects covered.

Check out their presentation here!

Andriy Vovchak

As pitching clients and investors is Andriy’s thing, he brought a fresh and motivating spin to our webinar! Have you ever wondered how to get more attention for your business without looking annoying or cheap? Andriy taught our audience how to get the media’s attention in a professional way with the help of email pitching.

Check out his presentation here!

Yanna-Torry Aspraki


One of the most raved-about presentations was from our webinar returnee Yanna-Torry Aspraki, who discussed the importance of monitoring deliverability and sender reputation in a detailed and in-depth manner. She also gave us tips and suggested various tools to audit and troubleshoot these areas without breaking your budget.

Check out her presentation here!

Ben Milsom

Freelance Copywriter

Ben led the attendees through a small masterclass workshop on his entire process of writing a DIC sales email (short for Disrupt, Intrigue, and Click) from start to finish. In the presentation, Ben dived deeply beneath the surface of wording in order to teach us how to really intrigue our subscribers and get them to make that click.

Check out his presentation here!

After the webinar, we named Christian “The Segmentation Sensei”, as he provided viewers with valuable in-depth wisdom about segmentation. In his presentation, he showed us how to evaluate collected data and use it to create relevant interactions for the success of our brands.

Check out his presentation here!

Nontas Karavias


In his presentation, Nontas discussed how to go about building a working email marketing strategy. Crucial steps on how to approach list management and segmentation were discussed, and finally, how we can successfully use automation with these possibilities.

Check out his presentation here!

Chris Byrne


A true pioneer in the email marketing industry, Chris provided the viewers with knowledge about tools to evaluate the subject line and inspired us with insights on how to craft compelling copy. Inboxing, authentication to avoid the spam folder, key things that Gmail looks for, and much more could be learned through this masterclass presentation.

Check out his presentation here!

Adeola Sole


In her captivating presentation, Adeola touched on the foundations of good email, design, and its importance in conversion. Landing page optimizations, metrics to keep an eye on, and much more were also taught to the webinar participants to lead their customers to the basket.

Check out her presentation here!

Jeanne Jennings

Email Optimization Shop

As a well-recognized expert in email marketing, Jeanne rounded off our impactful day with her valuable lessons about automation. Giving us a structure for identifying and prioritizing automation opportunities for our business, we received tips for defining and presenting key CTAs and the formula for building benefit-oriented message maps for automation campaigns.

Check out her presentation here!

The recordings of the entire event are up on Smaily's YouTube channel!

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Feedback from participants:

Rui Nunes
Founder of sendXmail

"Congrats to all the team and amazing speakers! Power insights. 💪"

John Bellingham
Mentor and Email Marketing Strategist @ Proven Flows

"It was a great event thanks to you, Tanel and Erkki, and all the fantastic speakers who brought their knowledge and expertise."

Anna Levitin Poskryakova
Email & Marketing Operations Lead @ Powtoon

"It was fabulous! Thank you, Tanel and Erkki, for organizing!"

Pauliina Koponen
CRM Project Manager @ World Vision Finland

"I attended the webinar yesterday, any thanks for the interesting presentations!"

Thank you to all the wonderful webinar attendees, and see you at the next webinar!

In the meantime, we wish you email marketing that is functional in technicalities, valuable in terms of content, captivating in its visuals, and beneficial for everyone!

See you soon!
Your Smaily team

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