Masters of Email Marketing – Autumn 2023

The arrival of mid-autumn is unmistakable as the air gains a refreshing crispness, and the leaves exhibit a stunning vibrancy. What should an email marketer do to add some color to their marketing emails and have campaign results that give that same vibrant feeling?

The answer is, of course, to get tips from the industry's top experts. Zero expenses, only gains.

Join us on the 19th of October at 10:00 AM (UTC +3)

at our FREE webinar made for you to continue mastering the art of email marketing.

The brilliant list of speakers

Erkki Markus & Tanel Rand

The event is brought to you by Smaily's founder and CEO Erkki Markus, and marketing director Tanel Rand, who will moderate the event to make it run as smoothly as a perfectly crafted automation.

Ireen Deuda

Navigating the A/B testing labyrinth: from planning to execution and beyond

Email marketer, direct response copywriter, and consultant Ireen Deuda helps organic brands have bigger margins through email automation. She lends her helping hand and takes us on an interesting journey through the maze of A/B testing. This is a must-see for anyone involved in email marketing since, without testing, we can't fully understand what works for our specific mailing list and target audience. So listen up and ensure you'll always find the right path to successful emails through A/B testing!

Clara Toombs

Fashion forward: 5 essential principles for email marketing success

All fashionistas, come forth! Joining the Masters' webinar, Clara Toombs is an email marketing consultant who helps small businesses build a list of engaged buyers without the complexity it can sometimes involve. In her presentation, she takes us directly on the “catwalk” of email marketing, teaching us how to capture customers' attention, grab those desired clicks and ultimately get that sale in the bag.

Adriana Tica

Growing and monetizing an email list in a saturated market

Adriana Tica Is the next speaker from our amazing list of experts. She is also a marketing strategist and trend analyst with 15+ years in the field. Running the digital marketing agency Idunn and writing a weekly strategy newsletter, “Ideas to Power Your Future”, she’s made time for us to share her vast knowledge on how to stay seen in this crowded field we work in. Without a list, there is no email marketing, and without a properly functioning one, there will be no profit. How to achieve it? Find out in the presentation!

Beth O’Malley

How to know when to automate and build flows that actually work

Founder of Astral Digital, Beth O’Malley, is a seasoned expert in CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation. With a genuine passion for her craft and a straightforward, no-nonsense approach, Beth has honed her skills in optimizing even the most unruly CRM and marketing projects. During her presentation, she will share with us the most valuable tips she has accumulated from testing and experimenting with thousands of email marketing flows and journeys until they’re perfected.

Beata Linz

Email Marketing Elevating Multichannel Success

Beata Linz is a consultant for Brand, Digital, and Email Marketing with 15 years of experience. Beata's achievements include 10 years of working at Nike and growing their email marketing from scratch to a substantial channel in EMEA, starting and running her own consultancy, and founding the collective "Moms in Marketing". Currently the Global CRM Director at Adbirds, she will share with us her expertise on how to use email marketing together with other channels to reach that magical place beyond our hoped goals. Discover how to succeed beyond the inbox, create strategies for a seamless consumer journey, collect data in the cookieless world, and much more.

Sella Yoffe

The new Gmail blue checkmark

Sella Yoffe is an email marketing and deliverability expert, podcaster & blogger at CRM.BUZZ, and founder of DATAMEDIA. He helps companies, startups, and ESPs with email deliverability and authentication, and email marketing strategy. Are you aware that if a company verifies its identity through BIMI and a proper DMARC policy, it will be granted a checkmark logo to accompany its own profile image? Sella has a thorough understanding of the foundations of this new opportunity and will join our webinar to teach you all the tricks there are to know to get ahead of the game and grab more attention in those already-packed inboxes.

Laura Sciacca

Leveraging analytics for effective email segmentation and personalization

In addition to being an avid cultural explorer, Laura Sciacca is a digital marketing professional who is deeply passionate about the industry she’s worked in both Italy and Slovenia. Her diverse roles, such as managing social media, implementing email marketing campaigns, designing landing pages, and devising advertising strategies, have given her an in-depth knowledge of how to evaluate a target audience. From her presentation, you can learn how to personalize segments based on the emails that you need to send, when to keep them small or go bigger, and what segments you can build based on analytics.

Elise Warner Rossi

Developing growth and retention for subscription businesses

Joining the free marathon webinar 'Masters of Email Marketing' from the UK, Elise Warner Rossi is the Email Marketing Manager at smol, the UK's most loved (subscription) cleaning brand, specializing in marketing automation to grow loyalty and retention. In addition to essential tips for every email marketer, her presentation is a real treat for those in the subscription business. Looking to understand how to stand out in this diverse (and ever-expanding) field and grow your business through email marketing? Elise gives you all the information you need for this from her extensive experience in managing the email marketing of a company.

Alex Arnault

Unlocking Inbox Insight – The Roadmap to Seamless Email Deliverability

Alex Arnaut is the CEO of GlockApps and a visionary in the tech world, especially in the realm of email deliverability. Get ready to be amazed as he shares the secrets to achieving successful email deliverability in his presentation. Through this captivating session, Alex will guide you through the crucial aspects of email marketing, providing expert strategies to optimize your campaigns and ensure your messages land directly in your recipients' inboxes. If you're looking to navigate through the deliverability maze and achieve outstanding results, this is an absolute must-see!

Gain knowledge of the latest trends & insights from an international panel of email marketing specialists and wrap up the year 2023 as a successful one.

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